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Photo credit – Golden State Warriors

Teams & leagues

Golden State Warriors

Rakuten Sports is the exclusive international partner for business development and partner acquisition in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore for the Golden State Warriors – a charter member of the National Basketball Association with a storied history including six NBA Championships, 11 NBA Finals appearances and an NBA-record 73-win season.


SAN-EN NEOPHOENIX is a B.League professional basketball team, founded in 1965. Rakuten Sports is committed to amplify the legacy of SAN-EN within and outside Japan.


La Liga is the leading men’s professional league in Spain. Rakuten Sports commercially represents the league and its assets within Japan.

National Basketball League

The premier basketball sports league in Australia and New Zealand. Rakuten has a strategic partnership with the National Basketball League to drive and enhance the league’s growth and commercial partnerships in Japan and South East Asia.

National Basketball Association

NBA is the world’s premier Basketball league. Rakuten became its global marketing partner and exclusive distribution partner in Japan in October 2017.

Tokai University Seagulls

The Tokai University Seagulls is a university men’s basketball in Japan. They have produced a number of professional players, including the most B.League representatives of any university team in Japan, as well as a number of players on Japan’s national team. Rakuten will lend its full support to the Seagulls with the aim of earning sponsorships, publicizing the achievements of the team and its players, and promoting university sports in general.

Rakuten Super Ladies

Rakuten Super Ladies is the first tournament outside of the official JLPGA Majors competition to be hosted by the JLPGA. Apart from being title sponsors, we are determined to empower female athletes with a platform to drive their value.